What is the Meaning of the Internet, Its Functions and Benefits for Our Lives

In today’s Digital Era, the internet is an important part of daily activities, school, campus, or in work. But do you know what the internet means? and what are its functions so that it can be of great benefit to us?

Internet stands for “Interconnected network” which means it is a computer network system used for communication globally by using the internet transmission control protocol / internet protocol suite (TCP / IP) protocol package to connect various devices around the world.

So every device connected to this internet network will definitely get a unique identity called IP Address (Internet Protocol Address), why is it called unique? because this IP Address is a combination of numbers that are generated (can be manual or automatic) to distinguish their identity from other devices. There will be such a thing as IP Conflict if in 1 network there are 2 same IP identities, this can result in your devices such as laptops, computers, cellphones not being able to access the internet.

The system on the internet is a network of networks consisting of private, public, academic, business, and local government networks to the global scope, connected by a variety of electronic, wireless, and optical networks. The Internet carries a wide array of information resources and services, such as interrelated hypertext documents and World Wide Web (WWW) applications, electronic mail, telephone, and file sharing (source: wikipedia).

So it can be said that the definition of the internet is a network that can connect you with anyone around the world with various types of computer-type devices that use types of communication networks such as telephones, satellites or other types.

Understanding the Internet According to Experts

Quoted from Wikipedia, The origin of the invention of the internet originated from the research of the United States federal government who wanted to establish a strong and fault-tolerant communication with computer networks in the 1960s. It initially served only as a means of communication or interconnection between regional academia and military forces in America and continued to be developed into new network technologies.

But what about the notion of the internet according to experts? Now for those of you who want to learn more about the internet, or are working on assignments, you must know some figures who give different opinions:

(1) Drew Heywood (1996)

Drew Heywood merupakan penulis buku Windows 2000 Network Service, Novell’s Guide to NetWare 5 and TCP/IP by Heywood, Drew (1999), Networking with Microsoft TCP/IP (3rd Edition) 1998, Using Windows Nt Server 4 (Using Series)1998 dan masih banyak buku lainnya menjelaskan bahwa Sejarah Internet bermula pada akhir dekade 60-an saat United States Department of Defense (DoD)memerlukan standar baru untuk komunikasi Internetworking. Yaitu standar yangmampu menghubungkan segala jenis komputer di DoD dengan komputer milikkontraktor militer, organisasi penelitian dan ilmiah di universitas. Jaringanini harus kuat, aman dan tahan kerusakan sehingga mampu beroperasi didalamkondisi minimum akibat bencana atau perang

(2) Lani Sidharta (1996)

Lani Sidharta is the author of the 1996 barrier-free information Internet book, according to him, the definition of the internet is a form of interconnection of a computer network that can obtain and provide complete information services. He also said that the internet is a powerful virtual counterpart, which is commonly used in business media, politics, and even for entertainment alone.

(3) Sibero (2001)

According to Sibero, the definition of the internet is a computer network that connects between computers globally. It is also further explained that the internet can also be referred to as a natural network, which is a very wide network.

(4) Sarwono (2012)

His full name is JOnathan Sarwono who is the author of the book Research Strategies on the Internet. The definition of the internet according to The Figure of Jonathan Sarwono is a collection of networks that have a global scale, where no one can be responsible for running the internet itself.

(5) Berners Lee

Tim Berners Lee is the inventor of the World Wide Web and chairman of the World Wide Web Consortium, according to him, the internet is a network consisting of several networks. This obviously refers to the concept of where a certain computer network, or a local network can also be connected to another network.

(6) Onno W. Purbo (2005)

According to Onno W. Purbo (in Prihatna, 2005) who is an internet expert from Indonesia, the definition of the internet is a medium that can be used to streamline a communication process that is connected to various devices or applications, such as the Web, VoIP, E-mail.

(7) Ned Snell

Ned Snell is the author of the book Internet browsing with Windows 95 in 1996.  and if some other books such as Easy Microsoft Office FrontPage 2003, Internet and Web Basics All in One, Easy Web Pages (2nd Edition) (Que’s Easy Series) and many others are sold by Amazon. According to Ned Snell, the definition of the internet is a corridor for the different types of resources that exist on it, and each of these resources is accessed through different devices.

(8) O’Brien (2003)

According to O’Brien, the definition of the internet is a computer network that is growing rapidly and is beneficial to a wide variety of interests, ranging from business interests, education, to government networks that can be interconnected with each other

Internet Functions Today

As already explained at the beginning of the article that the Internet today has a very important function even already like being part of our daily life. The following is a grouping of some of the functions of the internet in our daily lives:

Business Media

Apart from being a medium of information and communication, you can use the internet for business media or making money such as selling online. You can see now that big marketlaces such as Tokopedia, Lazada, Shopee, Bukalapak and others have very many users. There is an opportunity that you can also participate in online sales there and earn money.

In addition to selling online, you can also explore your creativity on video portals such as Youtube or you can be called a YouTuber. Many Indonesians have successfully become YouTubers and even become Number 1 in Asia with the most viewers.

There are many more actually that you can use from the internet to earn money such as being a blogger, freelancer, logo design services, promoting your skills on the internet and others.

Communication Media

The most important thing in using the internet is as a medium of communication throughout the world. The form of communication is also different, such as using social media to communicate, or applications that provide communication features or services with text messages / chats or video calls.

Access Information

Today’s digital age encourages everyone to search for information through internet services. Like you nowadays who use the internet as a medium to find information or news. In the past, there was still a lot of news information in the form of print media, which of course could not get updated information, unlike now where the media or online news portals or information provide very uptodate information.

Entertainment services such as streaming movies online are one of the information media that you take advantage of as well. There are so many websites and applications that offer the feature of watching movies online.

Positive and Negative Impacts Of Internet Services

Internet services are indeed very helpful for you every day to communicate or at work. That is an example of the positive impact, so what about the negative impact? What is that? see more of the following:

Here are some things you might know about the positive impact of using the internet:

Make it easier and faster to get various information, be it national, international news or information about knowledge.

As a means of entertainment such as watching videos on youtube, listening to music, social media and others

Media to develop a business, with the internet you can promote your services or services that can be accessed from all over the world.

Facilitating communication, this is probably the most people take advantage of the internet. Just imagine, even though you are different islands, countries or continents, but with the internet you can make video calls so that it feels very close.

As for the negative impact of internet use in our daily lives, it is as follows:

  • Access pornography websites by minors. Although Kominfo has blocked pornographic websites, there are ways people can access them. Now what is feared is when these minors access adult content that can damage their morale.
  • The number of online crimes or Cyber Crime, online transactions or online shopping is indeed a trend today that relies on trust. But there are many loopholes for criminals to commit fraud. So for you to remain careful when making online transactions.
  • Spread of Hoax Issues, Many fake news stories are deliberately made to frighten the public. So stay vigilant and it is not easy to participate in spreading hoax news on social media. make sure first before sharing news or issues.
  • Online Games nowadays seem to have poisoned children, used to be those who usually play around outside the house, but are now busy with their gadgets/smartphones to play online games. There is nothing wrong with playing online games, but when played for a long period of time, it can have a negative impact on health.

The development of increasingly advanced technology is indeed very good for the economy, especially supported by services or internet networks that are getting faster and faster to make users more helped. Don’t look at the negative impact alone, but the awareness of yourself in using it will be very beneficial for you.


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