Examples of domain names and their organization types

It is undeniable that the Internet world is currently developing very quickly. The presence of the Internet can make it easier for people to find information that meets the needs of users. The history of the development of the Internet has not escaped the contribution of the American state.

The Internet was founded by the Advanced Research Project Agency (ARPANET) project, launched by the U.S. Department of Defense in 1969. Initially only for military purposes, the ARPANET began to develop rapidly and turned into the Internet. In 1986, DNS or Domain Name System was created.

This DNS is used to generalize the address name system on the Internet network. Therefore, domains are very important for Internet business people and certain organizations.

For example, the com domain name is used by a specific type of organization that discusses in more detail what a domain is, and full-length examples.

What is a domain?

A domain is the address of a website that makes it easier for visitors to remember the website being created.

This domain is like the name of the home address you want to go to. Of course, if there is no full residential address, you will not be able to reach the house.

Similar to domains, this is used to allow visitors to easily access the target website. For example, a well-known website such as facebook.com. The name “facebook” here is the domain name that, when you type it into the search box, the website appears immediately.

While “.com” is a domain extension name that indicates a specific organization/company. So this domain name is also used to group what kind of website you create so that it is more trustworthy in the eyes of website visitors.

Therefore, the main function of this domain is to make it easier for visitors to go to your website to make your website more trustworthy.

Domain Type

After you know what a domain is and its extension, it turns out that the domain is still divided into several types that have a specific purpose. Extensions of this type type can be selected according to your wishes.

Of these extensions, some can be used in general and some cannot be used by everyone because there are administrative requirements that should be.

Filled. All of these extensions that you will use have advantages and disadvantages that you will have to consider later.

Here are the types of domains you need to know:

TLD: Top Level Domain

Top level domain or TLD for short is a type of domain that is widely used by website builders. Examples of TLD extensions are: .com, .edu, .org, .edu. This domain can be used by all circles. Its use refers to its respective meanings and roles.

For example, the com domain name is used by some kind of commercial organization like in instagram.com. You can use TLDs for companies that involve a lot of people.

ccTLD: Länderspezifische Top-Level-Domain

The next type of domain is a ccTLD, the extension of which indicates a specific country code. The use of this ccTLD is not arbitrary that people can use it, as it must meet certain administrative requirements.

By using ccTLDs, the target visitors are clearer, which corresponds to the country code used. For example.id is the Indonesian country code. So the destination is Indonesian visitors.

CcTLDs are also used by official government agencies to show a good reputation, as the potential for domains to be used for fraud is very low. However, because it is a specific domain, these domains are difficult to reach globally.

gTLD: Generic top-level domain

The use of gTLD is even wider and can be used by anyone. This domain is part of the TLD domain. Examples are .com, .net, .xyz,. biz etc.

The functions of this domain are used for global and commercial purposes. gTLD has the advantage that it is easy to recognize due to its popular extension. One of the disadvantages is that name search can be very competitive as many people use it.

sTLD: Sponsored Top-Level Domain

This type is often used for a community or institution examples are: .edu, .mil, .asia, etc.

SLD: Second Level Domain

An SLD is a domain that relates to a more specific agency, organization, or community. Examples: co.id, ac.id, go.id, ac.us, etc.

Examples of domain names for organizations

If you’re confused about choosing the right domain, here’s an example of a domain name for a popular organization in addition to .com

Commercial Organizations

As explained earlier, the com domain name is used by this type of commercial organization. However, there are domain names other than .com that you can use as a reference, such as:

.biz for business and business.

. net is usually for Internet providers.

XYZ for all types of content.

.store for sale.

.tech for technology.

.site and .website for all content.

Military Organizations

A domain with the extension .mil indicates a military organization. This website specializes in the defense and security of countries such as the TNI.


Domains with the .edu extension are often used for educational institutions or related content about the world of education. In Indonesia itself, education websites consist of two, namely sch.id and ac. id.

sch.id is dedicated to elementary school, while the ac.id extension is generally intended for colleges.

General Organization

.org is used for non-commercial institutions, namely general organizations such as nonprofits, foundations, religions, and cultures.

Specialized computer organizations in different countries

In addition to general organizations, there are also domains that are used specifically for specific country codes or belong to the ccTLD type. Examples are Au (Australia), At (Austria), Be (Belgium), Ca (Canada), Ch (Switzerland), De (Germany), Dk (Denmark), Es (Spain) and Id (Indonesia).


The domain of government agencies in general is .gov, which is often used as an SLD. For example, gov.ua for Ukraine, gov.au for Australia, etc.

However, not all government agencies in the country use .gov. One example is Indonesia. Indonesian government domains and public services usually use .go.id. Meanwhile, it is desa.id at village level.

International organisations

Domain. Int is specified for the international organization of a country. Take, for example, THE NATO organization.


This is a complete description of the sample domain name and its full-length organization type. It is known that a domain is a unique address that represents the identity of the website owner.

Domain is very important as branding, then you should not carelessly choose a domain name and its extension.

This is because each domain has a different purpose and organization type. As is the case we often come across, the domain name com is used by this type of commercial organization, so its existence is very popular.


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