5 Facts about the History of the Internet in Indonesia

The Internet network, which was originally just a study of the American federal government in the 1960s, is now a very modern service that allows you to communicate or find information. What about the history of the Internet in Indonesia, then? What year was the entry in?

Paguyuban Network launched the beginning of the Internet colony in Indonesia. This group can also be thought of as a community that is passionate about working together, working together and has a family feel among its followers. The reporting from the baktikominfo.id UI (University of Indonesia) site is a pioneer in the development of the Internet in Indonesia.

What has led to the rapid development of the Internet in Indonesia? Of course (ISP) Internet service providers who introduce themselves to the public and also the presence of Internet café companies that make the spread of this Internet service so fast.

5 historical facts about the Internet in Indonesia

In the 1990s, the Internet found its way into Indonesia

The Internet, which was originally used in the 1960s only for the purposes of the United States military communications network, is being further developed under the name ARPANET. The aim of this ARPANET project was to develop the networking of regional academic and military networks in the 1980s. In the 1990s, the Internet was finally developed by experts in Indonesia and used this year.

University of Indonesia as a pioneer of Internet development

Universitas Indonesia is the oldest university in Indonesia that has existed since the Dutch colonial era. Historically, the first Internet protocol in Indonesia was UI-NETLAB (192.41.206/24). The protocol was registered by the University of Indonesia on June 24, 1988. Individuals who have contributed to and participated in the development of the Internet in Indonesia include RMS Ibrahim, Suryono Adisoemarta, Muhammad Ihsan, Robby Soebiakto, Putu, Firman Siregar, Adi Indrayanto and Onno W.Purbo. Not only that, these names even contributed to the development of computer networks in Indonesia.

1994 the presence of the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in Indonesia

IndoNet is the first ISP in Indonesia where this Internet service provider company has existed since 1994. Sanjaya is the head of IndoNet, he is the son of a lecturer at the University of Indonesia and his office location is still located in the UI Lecturer Complex area of Rawamangun. IndoNet used a dial-up connection system at the time. In its first use, IndoNet used text mode with a shell account, a Lynx browser, and a Pine email client, as well as chat with conferences on the AIX server. In 1995, users in Indonesia were able to access the Internet (HTTP) because there was a Telnet service abroad that used the Lynx remote browser in America.

Internet café business present in the 1996s

Internet café stands for Internet Café, a Jaya Internet access rental. It turned out that this internet café business had an impact on the development of the internet in Indonesia. In 1996, internet cafes grew to be present in different regions and became one of the most promising business opportunities. Apart from business, the role of internet cafes is also very helpful for those who do not have computers and internet access at home.

Role in the Reformation of the New Order

From a political point of view, it turns out that the presence of the Internet in Indonesia can reduce the regime of the new order. In 1998, the Internet became a medium that played an important role in reform activities, the government at the time could no longer control all the information that was quickly disseminated.

These are 5 interesting facts about the history of the Internet in Indonesia, which turn out that the entry of the Internet network in Indonesia is different from that of the United States Amarika, which first used the Internet. Exactly in the 1990s, the Internet began to be used in Indonesia.


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