What are the features of Google Drive besides saving files?

Google Currently, there are many applications that can all be accessed if you already have a Google Account. Surely you already know, right, and already have a Gmail email?

But teknobgt is not discussing Gmail at the moment, but another application that Google has, namely Google Drive. What is the feature of Google Drive? and how to access it?

On Android smartphones, there are Google applications such as Gmail, Maps, Meet, Youtube and also GOogle Drive, which is automatically installed in it, since Android is one of Google’s products. Well, the most interesting thing is Google Drive, whose main function is to store data/files on the Google server.

The Google Drive app also automatically syncs with other services like Gmail, Meet, or Google Photos. Even if Whatsapp is installed on an Android phone, you can use it as a backup medium for your Whatsapp account data. Then what are the features of Google Drive?

6 Features of Google Drive

Coverage from other online media, there are 6 Google Drive features on an Android smartphone or if you access it on a laptop/computer. Here is the explanation:

File and document sharing

By saving a file with photos, documents, software, videos, or other files, you can share the file with others. So, after you upload a file to Google Drive, you can invite others to easily view and edit the file as well.

Save link

Another function is that you can save the link of a website so that it can be accessed one day. Of course, if we just remember the name of the site or bookmark it, it could be lost. However, if you save it to Google Drive, the link data will certainly be stored securely.

How to save links in Google Drive is pretty simple, you can click on the three dots in the browser when saving site links and saving links.

Take notes from Google Keep

To take notes, you don’t have to rely on applications installed on your PC or phone. Google Drive can save your notes using Google Keep.

Google Keep integrates with Google Drive, so you can type in all the notes you take. No more notes or notes manually with paper.


What happens if your PC or mobile phone function is corrupted, so it needs to be reset while the information it contains has not been backed up to a USB flash drive or hard drive? Or if you have backed it up to text storage but the memory is exposed to viruses.

This matter certainly wants to make you irritated and sad. With Google Drive, you can back up all the documents included in your PC and phone functions without using body storage, which is also usually frequently attacked by viruses.

Backup Chat WhatsApp

For the next Google Drive, back up chats and WhatsApp media to Google Drive. This matter is very necessary when the phone changes, especially the new Android, chat history and media should not disappear as they were transferred via Google Drive.

The method to create a WhatsApp backup in Google Drive is to tap on the settings menu and then select Chat

and select Chat Suggestions. Tap Suggest Google Drive.

Edit the file

The use of this Google Drive can be called not generally known to many people. Google Drive lets you edit files like Word, Excel, or Power Point.

The changes want to be saved directly to your Google Drive. Not only that, you can also create new files or worksheets through this Google Drive.

Not only via PC, you can also use this feature through your Android phone. And you can access it for free anytime, anywhere.

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