So this is the function of the NFC function on smartphones!

NFC or stands for Near-Field Communication is the latest technology that can be used as a contemporary wireless communication tool that is currently widely used in the latest smartphones. Thanks to the NFC function in the latest smartphones, the information transfer process can be tried out more easily, especially since the process can be particularly fast.

What is the NFC function then? And how does it work? For those of you who don’t know, this time we want to discuss NFC in detail, there are a number of applications that this one feature can try.

What is the NFC function?

It could be that you have understood and used Wi-Fi and Bluetooth before, now in this article we will discuss the name NFC, which is one of the connectivity features whose function is almost the same as with WiFi or Bluetooth. It’s just that the implementation is different.

This NFC feature is the latest communication technology that can be used between smart functions and works with a Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) system to exchange and even plug in information in close proximity.

During the work process, NFC can perform information transfer between functions such as smartphones by close touch and the process takes less than a tenth of a second. In addition, the NFC function can play a role without you having to make the settings on the smartphone, and can work automatically.

The NFC function works via a short-range radio signal transmission system and does not require large electrical power during operation. Currently, there are 2 types of NFC features that you can find, namely passive NFC tags and NFC tags on smartphones.

When you make contact, for example, when transmitting information, the two functions want to be connected via the ISM 13 radio frequency. 56 MHz with a maximum transmission rate of 424 Kbit/s. Of course, this matter wants to facilitate the whole process of exchanging information, starting with sharing files, not to mention making payments in different places.

How the NFC feature works in everyday life

Zahlungsinstrument mit NFC-Smartphone

In this day and age, the use of NFC is very widespread and not only useful for exchanging documents between smartphones. In addition, this technology has spread to banking activities, transportation and entertainment facilities.

Well, here are some ways to use the NFC feature in everyday life, such as:


Thanks to the NFC (near-field communication) function, you no longer need to bring a debit card or cash with you for transactions such as shopping. Currently, NFC is integrated into several banking services such as e-money, which are widely used today (Dana, Link Aja, Ovo, Gopay and many others), making the transaction process easier to carry out. Those of you who want to shop at a mini-market, for example, simply attach NFC to your smartphone on the passive NFC tag at checkout to complete the payment.

Ticket for transport

Smartphones with NFC can also be used to change the transport ticket system, making it easier. While you were previously required to queue at the ticket counter, you can now point directly to the gate by tapping nfc on the passive NFC tag on your smartphone. To activate the use, you can simply replenish the balance of the transport ticket before carrying out the expedition.

Patent key

Another feature of NFC is that it is used as a security key. Yes, you can use the NFC function to open the door of your home or office as you can enter yourself, so you don’t have to use a body card equipped with a magnet.

Access to product data

Some brands are also implementing NFC technology in advertising modules such as posters. On a poster that has been equipped with a passive NFC tag, you only need to connect it to NFC on a smartphone to see the complete data associated with the product, so you no longer have to use paper brochures that are not space-friendly.

The use of NFC is currently on the rise and is also supported by several of the latest smartphones that already support this technology. You can easily use this feature by selecting How do I enable NFC on a smartphone, but is NFC guaranteed security? This one feature has passed various safety tests, making it very convenient to use. In addition, it has obtained a special certification when downloading information about TSM (Trusted Service Manager) to protect all consumer information.


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