Karaoke App Recommendations, Tips and How to Use Them

There are several recommendations for karaoke applications that can be used on PCs, laptops and smartphones. As we know, nowadays the technology has become more sophisticated, everything can be done with the help of the Internet.

One of them is karaoke. If you want karaoke, you don’t have to bother going to a karaoke place. You just need to use apk for karaoke and install it on your smartphone or PC.

There is a wide range of apk for karaoke that offers a variety of interesting features. You can choose the one that suits your device and also pay attention to each of its advantages.

There are many advantages of karaoke

Before you talk further about karaoke apps, you need to know what the benefits of karaoke or singing really are. Here are some of the benefits of singing that you need to know, including:

1. Can stimulate the brain and make it smarter

In addition to a healthy physique, singing can also stimulate the brain. With the appearance of lyrics and the need to awaken creativity to follow the song, it will be able to stimulate the brain to think.

In addition, when singing a song, the brain is forced to remember the singing of the song that the singer sings. The brain will be forced to remember the rhythm, the bend of the song and also the typical style of the singer.

2. Can reduce and even reduce stress

As we know, we sing between breaks after work. Whether you use karaoke applications or not, this can help reduce and even reduce stress due to the accumulated work.

By making a loud sound and adjusting the intonation of the song, it can help release negative energy in the body and stimulate happiness. That’s why singing can reduce stress.

3. Helps to strengthen the immune system or immune system

In line with relieving stress, says an American study. By singing, it can improve the protein system in the body. This is triggered because the hormone kartisol has decreased.

Tips for choosing a karaoke app

Before using Karaoke Apk, you must first consider some tips when choosing an application. Below are some tips for choosing Apk, including the following:

  1. Has a duet function

Sometimes there are times when singing together with friends is more fun than singing alone. Therefore, pay attention to whether there is a duet function in the apk.

If anything, the part you need to sing between you and your friend. Will have different lyrical colors so as not to overlap. If the lyrics are then sung together, the color of the lyrics will adapt later.

2. Provides a lyrics function

Not only does it offer a duet feature, but it also ensures that the karaoke application you choose also offers a text feature. Because when we sing, it’s less afdol if we don’t memorize the lyrics as a whole.

Just like singing in a karaoke place, the lyrics feature really helps you sing songs. Some apks sometimes give the lyrics a more flaming color, you will feel more comfortable following the beats of the lyrics of your favorite song.

3. Check for sound effects

For most people, the sound produced from the recording will sound more satisfying. However, if you are dissatisfied with the recording, check what the Apk sound effects have.

In this sound effects feature, you can adjust the comparison between the volume of the music and your voice, give autotune and so on. Obviously, the original sound will be different with the sound that has already received the effect.

4. Check if there is a video recording feature

Not only for singing, currently the apk for karaoke also brings a video recording function. This feature allows you to record yourself while singing. So you can sing expressively.

You can also imagine yourself as if you were an idol streaming live. Usually, this feature is also accompanied by a comment column where people can reply.

Best Karaoke App Android Recommendations

After learning some tips when choosing Apk, there are some apk recommendations for smartphones that are worth choosing. Below are some of the best apk recommendations, including:


Most of us are certainly familiar with Smule. Smule is in fact one of the karaoke applications that is quite famous and has many users. There are various interesting features in it.

Among other things, such as the voice enhancer function, which helps make your voice sound more melodic like a studio recording. There is also a duet mode feature that you can use to duet with friends.


StarMaker offers millions of song titles to choose from and sung with scrolling lyrics and background music. In addition, you can edit the recording with a selection of sound effects and video filters.

StarMaker is a popular singing and leisure community app with 50M+ users around the world singing karaoke songs and making new friends in multiplayer through different rooms!

Karaoke Songs

Whether you like pop or hip hop, R&B or folk, just choose your favorite song from millions of songs, sing along with high-quality background music and rolling lyrics, edit your recording with a selection of sound effects and video filters, and share it on social platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and more.

You can also duet with top artists and sing along with a group of friends, just like a superstar, and let’s start your own music concert!

Karaoke – Unlimited Songs

Judging by the name, one can guess that this karaoke application is actually free, so you don’t have to bother paying. However, Free Karaoke is always updated regularly, so make sure your phone is connected to the internet.

Not only does it offer a free apk, this free karaoke also has a feature that is still being developed, which is the microphone. So you can sing like in a real karaoke place.


You could say, in addition to some of the above applications. WeSing is also one of the most commonly used karaoke apks today. You can perform duets with your favorite artists or other WeSing users.

There are a variety of interesting features in this apk. The simple appearance makes it easier for users to use, so it is not surprising that many use it.


The next recommendation is SingPlay, which is able to provide features like a karaoke place. You don’t have to download any songs, you can sing all the songs on your HP tracklist.

Best Karaoke App Recommendations for PC

If there were some recommendations for apk for smartphones, there are also some karaoke apk recommendations for pc or laptop. Below are some of the best apk recommendations for PC, including:

  1. VanBascos Karaoke Player

The first recommendation is VanBasco’s karaoke player, which offers a fairly complete customization of the display. Among other things, how to change the color and background image as well as the fonts. The interface is quite simple.

This makes it easier for users to operate. There are a host of interesting features in VanBasco’s karaoke player, including mute, tempo adjustment, as well as the option to play one of the instruments.

2. KaraFun

The next recommended best karaoke app for PC is KaraFun, which has an iTune-like look so it’s easy to use. All that needs to be done is to enter the song, plug in the microphone and click Play to start singing.

Inside there is a special library with more than 17 thousand songs, but you have to pay to access them. There are also different types of unique features such as microphone effects, live recording and so on.

3. KaraokeKanta

KaraokeKanta is probably rich in features such as playback in MID and KAR format. Sync song and voice recordings, exchange voices, create a virtual band. As well as changing the speed of the song and the sound.

4. A karaoke

The next best karaoke app recommendation for PC is One Karaoke. A karaoke is arguably ideal for karaoke at home, restaurants, hotels, and even karaoke places.

A karaoke has a simple appearance, so it is very easy to use even by ordinary people. Can run files with a variety of different formats. This apk is indeed specially designed for people who love karaoke.

5. Aria Karaoke Pro

Just like before, Aria Karaoke Pro has a simple look, making it easy to use even by ordinary people. There are a variety of interesting features that make navigation easier.

Among other things, functions to adjust the pitch as well as the volume when the song is playing. There is also a karaoke locker feature to buy different song tracks. If you don’t want to buy, you can add your own songs.

Advantages of some karaoke apps

Having already known some of the best apk recommendations, there are benefits to some of these applications. Below are the benefits of some of these apks, including:

  1. Smule

As mentioned earlier, Smule is one of the best karaoke applications that has many users. There are several advantages of Smule that you can’t get on other apk.

Among them are like various features ranging from speech enhancement features, hearing aids, duet modes and so on. In addition, it is also easy to facilitate, and it can also be used to increase the network of friends.

2. StarMaker

Compared to its competitors, StarMaker has several advantages that you can’t find in other apks. Among other things, such as having a superior and complete category.

Even this collection of Indian songs on StarMaker is very complete compared to other platforms. In addition, StarMaker has a better profile display and a clearer and more detailed feed.

3. SingPlay

Just like some other similar ApKs, SingPlay also has some special advantages. Among them, the user can adjust the tone, rhythm and tempo of the song as desired.

You can also download karaoke songs so that you can sing without an internet connection. SingPlay also has a very good sound quality, so it is suitable for recording.

4. WeSing

WeSing has several advantages that are not found in other karaoke applications. Among them, like a complete search, there are global categories for a selection of international songs.

The new category for the latest songs as well as the local category for local songs. In addition, WeSing also has a variety of complete features, you can still use the application even though there is no network.

How to Use Multiple Karaoke Apps

For those of you who are still new to some of the apk above, you don’t need to worry. Here are some easy ways to use the Apk, including:

  1. Smule

First, of course, you need to download Smule from the Apps Store. After installation, open the app and to register, you can log in with your Gmail account, Facebook or phone number.

If you want to sing solo, you can search for the song you want to sing in the search box. Or you can select the song available on the Songbook page and then press the blue Sing button.

After that, just select the light blue solo category. Wait a moment for the song to start while choosing a duet or group. Simply select a duet or group in the category selection.

If you have decided on a duet, Smule will give you the opportunity to sing part 1 or 2. When you select a group, the screen displays a series of Smule users who are ready to sing along, and then click Join.

2. StarMaker

The first step is the same as before, if you want to use this StarMaker karaoke application, you will of course need to install it. After successful installation, open it and log in with your Facebook account.

After you have successfully logged in, create a user name, the starmaker main menu will appear later. Before singing, search for the song title in the search box. Then press Sing and select a solo if you want to sing solo.

3. WeSing

First, install the application if it is installed, open it and log in with a social media account or email. After you have successfully logged in, you will find the song to be sung through the search box.

Before recording a video for singing, first set the camera position. You can also use face filters and choose a vocal mode, there are solos and duets. If you want to sing alone, choose solo mode.

So now, if you want karaoke but don’t have time to go to a karaoke place. You can use a karaoke application to be able to sing anywhere, just need an internet connection.

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