How to Track a Lost Phone in a Dead State, Still Found

Some people have experienced the name of HP’s loss and it’s inextricably linked to their own flaws, whether it’s Teledor holding it arbitrarily, or other careless things that create opportunities for others to take the HP. For those who have experienced something like this, they need to immediately find a sense of how to look for it, and sometimes regret worrying more about the data it contains. Maybe you can buy it again for the gadget, but not with Data. Well, this time teknobgt will share how to find a lost phone even though it’s turned off.

Tracking a lost mobile phone is the first way that can be tried as the latest mobile phone/smartphone is currently equipped with many accounts, applications and settings for easy tracking. Tips on how to track a lost Android phone with an internet connection are summarized on the coverage page6. Although the phone is already turned off (turned off), it is said that this way we can find the latest location.

Track lost mobile phones via email

The first way you can do to find a lost mobile phone is through email used by the device/mobile phone that has been lost. So make sure you know the email account and password first.

Here is the Android system used by Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo and others, owned by Google and we need to have a Google/Gmail account to access its Google Playstore, which is used to install applications, and this Google account becomes the identity of the mobile phone itself. Therefore, the email used can be used as the main material to find a lost mobile phone.

How to Track Lost Android Phone Using Internet Connection

This method can be done via smartphone or PC/laptop using features of Google, namely (

Open a browser, enter the following link, and sign in with the missing cell phone email address.

The browser is automatically displayed as shown above, where there is a sign on the maps that shows the last location online.

The Find My Device icon is green when it’s turned on and still connected to the Internet. If the position of the mobile phone is dead, the color of the icon changes to ashes.

This method was also discussed in article 2 How to track a lost phone without being complicated, where the article discusses the application version.

Come to the location immediately so you don’t lose track. And when you arrive at the location of the disappearance ticket, you can immediately use the “Play Sound” feature on the page earlier. So that it can find it easily.

Other ways to use your Google Account:

In addition to the link above, you can also search for devices by logging in from, then going down and selecting “Find a lost device” as shown above.

Can this method be used to track a lost mobile phone that is turned off?

Of course, you can use this feature to track a lost mobile phone even though it is dead. But there is a condition, which is to die the state of the mobile phone because it runs out of power, not intentionally turned off by the sender.

If it was turned off by the stolen or inventor of your mobile phone, the displayed location is just the last place of its life. Google won’t be able to reread its latest location unless the lost phone is reactivated and connected to the Internet (in case the email hasn’t been deleted).

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