How To Scan Virus Online With Latest Smadav 2022

Does your computer have an online Virus? Here is How To Scan Virus Online With Smadav, let’s look at the article below

For PC / Laptop users who use smadav Antivirus, it is mandatory to understand How to Scan Virus Online With Smadav, so that our computer is free from viruses.

How to Scan Virus Online With Smadav? the method is very easy really.

Let’s look at the mimin discussion on How to Scan VirusEs Online With Smadav below.

Having an Antivirus is important for computer and laptop users because in this modern era there are many types of viruses found on computers.

Viruses in computers can not only damage files but can also steal important data on our computers, and one of the most dangerous viruses today is ransomware virus which can lock our important data. And restore a virus affected by ransomware is very difficult, we need to pay a fine to the hacker who has locked our file files.

To avoid these types of viruses, of course, we need a good antivirus, for example, like this smadav.

Smadav is a locally made antivirus that is very widely used by PC / Laptop users.

This antivirus is quite popular because of its ease of use, and of course, you must install this antivirus, guys.

Now for those of you who have just installed Smadav and want to scan for viruses with smadav, here are the steps:

How To Scan Virus Online With Smadav

  1. Open Smadav and Select Scanner
  2. You select the Drive you want to scan for viruses
  3. Then press Scan
  4. Wait until the Scan process is complete
  5. After that, the virus scan results will appear
  6. Lastly, you guys choose CLEAN
  7. Then wait for it to finish
  8. So that’s how to scan viruses online with Smadav, after this your computer or laptop must be avoided various kinds of dangerous viruses.

Thank you for reading this article to the end.

Good luck and hope it helps. 🙂

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