How to enable NFC on an Android smartphone

The latest smartphone currently has many features ranging from features to support the camera, support its performance, and support payment systems like this NCF. Well, here explain how to enable this NFC feature on your Android smartphone.

As in the previous article about what the NCF feature does, this time we will discuss how to enable it. So you can use the fitut to help and make it easier for you.

NFC technology has existed in smartphones since the operating system used Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), which is known as Android Beam OS. With this NFC technology, 2 Android smartphones can be used to easily exchange information such as images, audio, video or other files.

To check if the NFC function is present on a smartphone or not

Not all smartphones are equipped with NFC technology. So, to find out and check if the smartphone you’re using has NFC or not? To check it and enable the NFC feature:

  1. The first step is to go to the Settings menu
  2. Then, in the Wireless & Network section, select Other.
  3. Scroll down and look for the NCF option, if this is the case, it means that your smartphone is equipped with this technologist.
  4. Activate it by pressing the button in blue, then the NFC function is active, just follow the existing settings.

On some smartphones, there is usually also an NFC logo behind the cover, indicating that the smartphone is equipped with NFC technology, a type of Samsung Galaxy Series.

How NFC works

Like Bluetooth or Wifi, NFC works with the principle of sending information via radio wave signals. The technology used by NFC is based on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), which uses elchetromagnetic induction for data transmission.

The transmission frequency of NFC information is 13.56 MHz and information can be criticized at a speed of 106, 212 or 424 kbps. NFC can induce an electric current against passive NFC components, such as on stickers that do not have their own power or energy. So that the passive NFC component can work. This is a basic comparison of NFC with Bluetooth/Wifi.

How to wear it?

To carry out the transfer of information between 2 functions via NFC, the conditions apply to the 2 smartphones:

  • Smartphones must be equipped with NFC technology
  • Must be at a contiguous distance near 2 inches or 10 cm
  • Must not be in hibernation or locked state
  • After meeting the above conditions and NFC has been enabled, you can transfer the file:
  • Selection of files to be sent from one of the smartphones
  • Glue 2 smartphones one after the other with your back to your back
  • Wait for the sound or confirm that the 2 smartphones are connected

On the screen of the sender’s smartphone, the pop-up “Touch to Beam” appears and then clicks on the screen. The delivery process is fast and waits until it ends. Do not disconnect them to the 2 smartphones before the information transfer process is finished.

When it is finished, you will hear an audio confirmation and Popo when the transfer is finished. So this is a guide to transferring information with NFC. Hopefully the post can help you everywhere.



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