How To Activate Whatsapp Dark Mode For Android and iOS

After several attempts with the beta version, this time the dark mode or dark mode in the Whatsapp application can be used for all users. Then how do you enable WhatsApp dark mode on an Android or iOS smartphone?

Through its blog medai, Whatsapp officially released an update for its application on March 3, 2020, namely the Dark Mode feature, which was first present in the Instagram social media application. This dark mode feature is one of the most common requests from WhatsApp users around the world.

The dark mode feature on WhatsApp presents a new look that can be more different, so you won’t get bored with the look when you actively use the WA application. On the other hand, this property is also good for eye health, as its dark color reflects less light, so it can reduce the strain on the eyes. Well, here’s how to enable the mode.

How to Set Dark Mode Whatsapp

This display feature is already available for WhatsApp application on Android and iOS. However, you need to check the application version first as this dark mode is on Whatsapp version 2.20.30, so make sure you update the application first.

Whatsapp Dark Mode Android

For Android smartphone users, you can enable it:

  1. Open the Whatsapp application and then go to the Settings/Settings menu
  2. Then select Chat and then from the display menu, select the Theme submenu
  3. Well, here are 2 theme options, Light and Dark
  4. Select Dark to enable the dark mode feature.
  5. Whatsapp Dark Mode iOS

Then for the WhatsApp application settings on iPhone/iOS so that you can use the dark mode feature are as follows:

  1. Open the WhatsApp application and go to the Settings menu
  2. After that, select Display & Brightness
  3. Well, here’s a selection of topics.
  4. Select Dark to enable Whatsapp feature for dark mode on iPhone.

How to enable Whatsapp dark mode on Android smartphones and iPhone/iOS is actually almost the same, maybe just different in the use of the language, but the flow goes into both the settings menu and the selection of the display or display.

So it is simply set up, and maybe some of us like this mode, there are also those who do not like it because they are not used to the dark appearance offered in this feature.

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