Get to know Psiphon Pro, understand how to use it

For some people, they may still not be familiar with Psiphon Pro. This application allows users to get free internet access by exploiting bugs from certain mobile operators.

In addition, this application can also help its users to open various websites that have been blocked by the government. Users can also increase the speed of the Internet network on the mobile phone.

Many advanced and also interesting features in this app. Not only that, this application also has many advantages and advantages that are not found in other types of applications.

What does Psiphon Pro mean?

As we know, the Internet is one of the basic needs for smartphone users. In order to connect to the Internet network, we need to buy a data package to connect to the Internet.

The price of data plans varies, but you could say that the average price is quite expensive. However, you don’t have to worry, here this Psiphon application is used so that you can get free internet.

Psiphon Pro is one of the free internet provider apps that is very popular today. Not only that, but this app is also a free VPN provider, it’s been around for over 10 years.

Initially, Psiphon could only be used on PCs, but now it has penetrated smartphones. How to use it, it can also be said that it is quite simple, only some settings need to be adjusted.

No wonder many use it. So far, the use can actually be used through most providers in Indonesia. However, there are also providers who do not support the use of this application.

Features in Psiphon Pro

Before that, you already knew what a professional version of Psiphon is. Here are some interesting features of this apk that you need to know, including how:

Can open blocked websites

Psiphon Pro has a feature that can help its users open blocked websites. This is because this application obfuscates or manipulates the user’s Internet connection so that users can access blocked websites.

You don’t have to worry about security when accessing blocked websites because additional protection is available. But while it’s safe, you still need to be careful when accessing blocked websites.

Data on Internet user statistics

This professional version allows users to view the statistics of the data used to browse the Internet. You can see it in the statistics menu, it is located near the Start menu.

It takes a look at how much data was used for uploading and downloading. The existence of static data is certainly very important to say to what extent data is used and also stored.

There are many language options

Basically, this application is actually only available in English, but in the version of Psiphon Pro other languages have been added. Some of these additional languages are Vietnamese, German and so on.

The purpose of adding this language is to be accessible to all countries without exception, although there is no Indonesian option yet. So for Indonesians it is temporarily necessary to use English.

Can select excluded apps

In fact, this application can be used to access websites or use them with other applications. But here users are free to choose which apps do not need Psiphon Pro or vice versa.

For example, you can choose applications like Instagram, Youtube, and the like to use with Psiphon. However, at the time of playing the game, it is advisable not to use it for security reasons.

Automated logs

The professional version of Psiphon is equipped with an automatic protocol. The point is security protocols when accessing certain websites. When you connect to a specific location, the protocol automatically connects.

This security network protocol that will later penetrate blocked websites in a more effective way. The existence of this protocol will make it easier for users not to be afraid of the security of the network being accessed.

Learn about the benefits of Psiphon Pro

As mentioned earlier, Psiphon has many advantages over other applications. Here are some of the benefits of Psiphon that you need to know, including the following:

Very light program

Specially developed can be used not only on PCs, but also on smartphones. It has a very lightweight program, so the device doesn’t mind running it. Psiphon Pro can be run portable on a PC.

This means that it does not need to be connected to the system. All PCs are not made difficult just by running them to secure the network. So the purpose of the program is to be made easy, one of them is also to secure the network.

Unique bypass method

Probably this application has a very powerful bypass. Please note that this app has a very mysterious VPN connection. Many ISP and mobile services abroad use this quota.

Has many country servers

Likewise, most other VPN programs have multiple servers. One of these free apps offers many country servers. Users can also select Best Performance to get a stable server.

Has the same function on Android and PC

As we know, most applications when used on Android do not have the same feature usage when used on a PC. The difference is that Psiphon Pro offers the same usage on PC and Android.

This is not just about a network intermediary. But from the inside, the process of connecting to the VPN network also has exactly the same method.

Starting from port forwarding and others, it can also work on Android phones, so it doesn’t just work on PCs. On both Android and PC, both have the same functionality.

Additional browsers on smartphones

Compared to Android, it has superior features. This is because you can choose the connectivity method as a VPN or just as a browser. On iOS, it can only be as a browser.

Provides a custom header

This peculiarity can only be purchased by its users, while normal users can not use it. Since 2010, this feature can already be used on Android phones.

Benefits of using the Psiphon Pro app

Please note that this application offers a variety of advantages, not only that it can access the Internet for free. Other benefits include easier access for users to servers from outside Indonesia.

Allows users to access websites that have been blocked by the government. In addition, it is also easy to use to get a stable internet connection. By using Psiphon Pro, the Internet becomes faster.

Because this application has a very stable server. Not only that, this application can also preserve the privacy of its users as you can hide your Internet IP address.


How do I install and use Psiphon Pro?


For those of you who do not know how to install and use this application, there is no need to worry. Here are some easy ways to install and use Psiphon, including the following:


How to install

You could say that installing mod applications is different from installing other applications in the Play Store. But you don’t have to worry, you just need to follow the steps below:

  • Download the application first from the Apps Play Store or from the link above
  • During the download process, first change the security settings.
  • Then go to the device’s settings, security and administration menu
  • On the Device Management menu, move Unknown Source to On. Note that this settings menu may vary depending on the phone.
  • When you are done downloading, search for the file in your file manager
  • Click on the APK file, install it
  • Wait for the installation process to complete and you are ready to start using it.

How to use it

When you are done installing the APK, you can use it immediately. Here are some simple ways to use it, including the following:

  • Make settings in each APN according to the provider you are using
  • Once the APN settings are successful, enable the appropriate mobile data
  • Then run the Psiphon Pro application
  • On the main page, you can directly press the start or start button and wait up to a few seconds
  • later you will be prompted to select one of the servers that is believed to have a stable internet speed
  • Click on one of the servers and wait for the connection process
  • If it has been connected to the server of choice. Go to the options menu and tunnel the entire device
  • On the new page, select more options. Then check the Connection via HTTP proxy option
  • Select the Use system network settings option.
  • next select custom http headers and then select add custom http headers
  • In header columns 1 through 4, the operator usually has its own settings. Here you can fill in depending on the provider used
  • Once everything is filled, press the Save button
  • Now you can return to the main menu. Then press the Start or Start button to be able to use it

How to overcome a slow Psiphon Pro

Although it is classified as an APK that can help speed up the internet connection, Paiphone can also be slow at times. Here are some simple ways to overcome slow psiphon, including:

  1. Psicash (PP points)

The first option is to use Psicash, you can strengthen or speed up the VPN server network connection. This point is used to buy the active period of internet speed.

The calculation of 120 Psicash is 1 hour speed increase. The more Psicash points, the longer the time you get. But to get the points is not free, you have to buy them.

But for those who like freebies, you don’t need to worry. You can still get Psicash for free by watching ads for 10-30 seconds. Once an ad is placed, it receives 30 psicash.

2. Update an app

The next way is to update Psiphon Pro. When you install this application on the Play Store, the speed is limited and usually only about 2 to 5 mb.

This, of course, makes the connection you’re using slow. One option, of course, is to update it. If you’re upgrading for the first time, you can be free for 7 days.

To continue the subscription, you can pay by credit card or credit card. When you have updated this application, the speed you get will change to unlimited or unlimited.

3. Restart your phone

The next way is arguably the easiest, namely by restarting the phone to connect to this application. Because sometimes a restart makes the network smooth again.

4. Collaboration with QPython

The next way you can work with other applications, one of which is QPython, to overcome slow psiphon. This QPython can be downloaded from the Apps Store such as the Google Play Store.

5. Rename the APN

This last method can also be described as very simple, namely by changing the name of the APN. You must match the name of your phone operator to the name of the APN. This method makes your network smooth again.

Well, you know everything about this APK, from understanding to overcoming it when it’s slow. So, for those of you who want to use Psiphon Pro, just follow the steps to use it.

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