Best Recommended Web-Based Logistics Applications

Web-Based Logistics Applications – logistics management is one of the most important components in a supply chain.

Therefore, you need the help of a web-based logistics application to better manage goods or logistics.

Managing logistics manually is not easy for you.


There is a high probability of human error, so it is better if you use technology that is a logistics management application.

List of web-based logistics management applications

Along with the development of technology, there are more and more applications that can make your job easier

One of them is a logistics application that can certainly help you manage goods in the warehouse.

There are already many logistics management applications that you can use quickly and easily.

Not even a few of them are web-based, so you don’t have to download logistics applications to a computer first.

Therefore, here is a web-based logistics application that allows you to easily manage goods in the warehouse!

  1. EazyStock

For those of you who are looking for a cloud-based logistics application, EazyStock is one of the most suitable applications for you.

Especially if your focus is on managing goods in the warehouse and finding the pros and cons of inventory.

In addition, you can also check whether or not there are items of poor quality and obsolete in stock.

Everything you can do systematically on EazyStock, so you don’t have to do a manual check.

  1. SimpliDOTS

In addition, there is SimpliDOTS, which can be a solution for those of you who are looking for the best logistics application.

Especially if your focus is on logistical delivery or delivery. This is because SimpliDOTS has advanced and cloud-based features.

SimpliDOTS can optimize routes and assign logistics to the most suitable location.

This can avoid the possibility of human error that can occur when you perform logistics management without application or manually.

  1. Veeqo

For those of you who need the help of logistics applications, Veeqo is one of the best choices.

With this application, you can even perform warehouse operations and management more conveniently and quickly.

You can manage the pickup, packing, and also delivery within the same app.

Thus, you can also see the stock of goods and where the goods are now easily located, as there is already automatic tracking in the application.

These are some web-based logistics applications that allow you to easily manage goods in the warehouse to make it more practical and faster. Hope it helps!

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