4 Best Dual Apps You Need to Try

Well, the previous article discussed how to use the built-in feature that can create a dual messenger on a Samsung phone. This time there is a small similarity in the article, but this is more about the best third-party dual applications in the Google Playstore, where this application can duplicate different types of Android applications ranging from social media applications, online wallets and also games.

How to use dual applications in 1 mobile phone?

The admin tries to summarize it in the 4 best Android dual applications that we have reviewed in this apk and judged by the stars of the reviews and also the comments of the users. Okay, those who don’t understand it, maybe we’ll explain again what the function of this Android application multiplier is.

For example, you as an online marketer or have an online sales business, of course you already have a lot of contacts with customers, this situation is one of them is intertwined with those of you who use Android like a sales medium. Yes, by using multiple accounts until you can distinguish between individual accounts and sales accounts, without significant obstacles, you can try to communicate with your loved ones who are far away.

Best App Multiplier Recommendations

As mentioned earlier, there are quite a few dual applications on Google Play that you can choose to find the right option. Surely the presence of many options for this application will give you the freedom to find out which application suits you best. Some suggestions for dual applications that are suitable for you to use on the features of your smartphone are as follows:

Dual space

Link Playstore Dual Space

Dual Space is another application that allows you to use different application accounts after running the clone app. Well, by using Dual Space, it’s easier to get more than one application account on Android.

This application can be called one of the complete applications. The reason for this is that Dual Space has dual social accounts for the work of all individuals. You can use both at the same time on the same smartphone.

Parallel space

Link Playstore Parallel Space

Parallel Space is one of the cloning applications that is very interesting to use. This application is listed as very famous on Google Play, which can make it easier for you to use 2 different application accounts. Surely with this application, any application on your Android can be duplicated very easily.

This dual-app option shares a great personal option with its users. Not only that, the parallel space also makes it possible to make the application invisible in function.

Another interesting thing about Parallel Space is that one consideration for the choice is that you can easily get used to the theme to make the application more attractive. There is a premium feature that wants to share access for users until they can use 5 different accounts.

Multi Paralel by Winterfell Applab

Link Playsore : Multi Parallel

Run multiple accounts in one function without restrictions. Lightning clone app that supports WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook, Line, Instagram, most apps and social games.

Do you want to manage some of your social accounts and switch between them? Do you want to play games with different positions or multiple accounts to have more fun?

Multi Parallel can help you avoid the hassle of managing multiple accounts!

It’s easy to use a phone to log in to multiple accounts and keep them online at the same time!

Create as many accounts as you want, customize them with different icons and names, and protect them with personal locks.

Klon-App – App Cloner & Parallel Space

Link Aplikasi di Playstore : Clone App – App Cloner & Parallel Space

Copy popular games and social apps

You can have two WhatsApp, Instagram, LINE, Messenger and other apps, two Facebook accounts or duplicate Instagram accounts

Help achieve work-life balance by logging into various WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and other social app accounts

Supports popular games, easily switch between multiple accounts.

The cloned account information is placed in a separate area, and the existing account information does not affect an account.

Well, these were the 4 best dual apps/clone apps for Android phones that are free to download and use.

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