How to Set Up Huawei Indihome Modem, Fast and Convenient

Different modem brands have different ways to set them up. Including setting up a Huawei Indihome modem that requires multiple stages. For those who want to use Indihome services, Huawei modems are indeed an option.

In addition to the low price, the installation for setup is also easy. Even for ordinary people, setting up a Huawei Indihome modem is very convenient. For more information, see the following more in-depth discussion.

Know what the meaning and history of Internet modems is

To better understand how to set up a Huawei Indihome modem, you first need to know the importance of this device. Modems can be recognized comprehensibly by their function.

The meaning of the device, which stands for this demodulator modulator, can be found in its function and its name. The first understanding of a modem can be seen in its function. There are two types of features of this internet device.

The first is responsible as a digital-to-analog signal converter as well as for processing information. This reading information becomes the main function of this device. The device then connects this data to an Internet LAN.

In addition, the modem can also be referred to as a device for converting information signals into the carrier. The signal is then ready to be sent into data. Modem as demodulator refers to the part responsible for separating the information signal.

This device can be called a communication tool for two directions. Such devices use a remote communication system. For example, microwave radios and the like. For this reason, it is necessary to set up a Huawei Indihome modem.

The computer’s data takes the form of a digital signal. This modem converts the data into analog so that it can be further processed. This analog signal can be transmitted to multiple media such as radio or telephone.

This hardware was originally developed for military purposes. The beginning of its use by IBM was in 1950. Its main function is air defense communication. Its function then changes over time.

One of them is the support of domestic needs. Household needs that can be covered by a modem as a computer connection to the Internet. In addition, the modem is also useful for connecting and checking data packets.

The purpose of this check is to carry out communication with the Internet. How it works as a data compressor through a signal. In addition, if from the price, the use of a modem is quite affordable. Compared to data packets, the modem is more economical. Especially if it is used for task purposes. Of course, with the modem, the use of the quota is much more efficient. In terms of signal coverage is also wide. A modem can cover more than one device. In addition, its signal coverage can also reach 30 meters. Of course, it is very helpful for household needs.


What types of modems are there?

This discussion explores how to set up Huawei’s Indihome modem. Before proceeding, you must first know the available modem types. The goal is to be able to choose according to your needs and budget.

Modem intern

There is an internal modem, one of which should be known. This type of device is useful for converting analog to digital signals and then sending them directly to the PC. Although it is almost the same as an external modem, its function is still different.

External Modem

Setting up a Huawei Indihome modem is not limited to knowing the mechanism. You must understand the modem types, including these external types. The way the device works is to convert the digital signal into an analog signal and then process it to a computer.

Modem ADSL

ADSL or Asymetric Digital Subscribe is a tool for Internet access with telephone media. One of Indihome’s products uses this type of modem. the connection device is called a splitter.

The main function of this device as a telephone interference sensor. This allows the signal to run simultaneously. You can use your phone as well as the Internet network more easily.

Modem Analog

Analog is a type of signal. For this type of modem works with this type of signal. This captured analog signal is eventually converted into a digital one.

Modem GSM

To add information on how to set up a Huawei Indihome modem, you also need to know the type of GSM modem. The device works where the mobile phone with a GSM connection card becomes a medium for power transmission.

Modem Wireless

Wireless means wireless or wireless. This technology allows two devices to exchange data without the need for cable support. The way it works is also interesting and simple.

This modem exchanges data via light waves. For example, radio waves. In addition, these waves exchange into a certain frequency.

Modem CDMA

As the name suggests, CDMA modems operate at a CDMA frequency of 800 Mhz. These frequencies can also be referred to as CDMA 1x. currently, the latest models already use the EVDO Rev-A frequency. The development is increasingly up to date as EVDO Rev-B is currently used, which corresponds to 4G.

Modem Cable

Before proceeding on how to set up a Huawei Indihome modem, there is another type of connection that needs to be known, which is a cable modem. This type of device has the characteristics to which it is connected by wires. In addition, its main function as a recipient of data. Usually, cable modems are used for electronic devices such as cable television.

What are the advantages of setting up a Huawei Indihome modem?

How to set up a Huawei Indihome modem is very attractive for those who want wider internet access. Why use a modem? Of course, this cannot be separated from the benefits you can get.

Affordable internet costs

Many consider the cost of setting up a Huawei Indihome modem to be expensive. In fact, when it is calculated, it is more economical. The initial installation cost is high, but if you look at the lifespan, it turns out to be more efficient. Especially if you use it to share the network with other users. Of course, the required costs are not so expensive. You need to know that the price of a modem device is also not too expensive, only in the range of hundreds of thousands of rupiah.

Internet sharing is better possible

Why should you use a modem? The Internet network will be sufficiently available. Not only personal use, but you also allow sharing with other users. One of the modems for the Indihome network is not only suitable for one user. You can share it with different users. There’s even a modem or internet service that can accommodate up to dozens of users.

Can send and receive signals

Another thing that makes up the modem must be used because of its attractive function. The size of the modem is not large, but the advantages are great. This device can catch and send signals far. This is different if you are using a mobile phone or other electronic device. Using a modem makes it easier for you to receive a signal. In addition, its capacity is also optimal as a network provider.

Easy installation

It turns out that setting up a Huawei Indihome modem is relatively easy. Its simple and minimalist shape does not make it difficult for users. The weight is also lightweight, so it can be installed anywhere. You just need to make settings from a laptop. In addition, various other purposes can be done. For example, blocking users, tracking, and various other things related to usage control.

Why choose Huawei Indihome Modem?

Before discussing how to set up a Huawei Indihome modem, you need to know the advantages of this device brand. It can be said that the Huawei brand is preferred by many people for Internet devices. This is inextricably linked to some of the benefits of the Huawei brand:

Maximum functions

Compared to other modems, Huawei is superior in terms of features. Although it seems cheap, who would have thought it was integrated into fiber optic networks. In fact, you can get the latest technology from this brand, considering that it was only released in 2014.

Friendly prices for all

Another factor that makes this modem sympathetic is its low price. For one device, the price starts from IDR 100 thousand to IDR 400 thousand. Of course, everyone likes it at this price.

Setup is pretty simple

How to set up Huawei Indihome Modem is not too complicated. This makes the products of this Chinese company popular. You just need to follow a few steps without having to install many things. Huawei modems are indeed one of the options that are widely used in the world. Simple settings are also accompanied by simple specifications. Although it is lightweight, it is certainly reliable for internet support devices.

How to Set Up Huawei Indihome Modem, Preparatory Preparation Phases

The earliest stage for setting up a Huawei Indihome modem consists of several steps. Starting with the activation of the modem up to the LAN port. Follow these other mechanisms.

First recruitment phases

The first step to setting up a Huawei Indihome modem is to make the first settings. First, make sure that the PON indicator light is green. In the meantime, if the light is red, it means that the indicator is LOSS, or it does not work

  • Indihome WAN settings must first be made by connecting a UTP cable
  • The UTP cable must be connected from the computer/laptop to the ETH ONT port of the modem.
  • after you connect try to set the computer ip as desired
  • open a browser on a computer or laptop type the ip number 168.100.1 and then press enter
  • Wait a moment for the password and username to appear on the screen.
  • Enter the username named telecomadmin, password admintelecom, click and wait
  • After the display opens, click the WAN button and proceed to NEW
  • Then enter the data in the column to make the first configuration when setting up the Huawei Indihome modem

Enabling the LAN Port

Before you set DHCP, you must first enable the LAN port. Activation is only necessary to press a few menus. For more information, try some of the following steps:


  • Look at the section next to the WAN tab and then press the LAN tab
  • After that, locate the LAN Port Working Mode button and select the
  • after you find it select the lan1 lan2 and so on check box to lan4
  • selecting all of these check boxes is to enable all of your modem’s lan ports

Some Ways to Set Up Huawei Indihome Modem in late stage

The initial phase has been completed. Huawei’s Indihome modem setting entered the final process. This process includes DHCP settings and configuration. For more information about how to exit modem settings, see the steps.

1. DHCP-Einstellungsphasen

How to set up Huawei Indihome modem next leads to dhcp scope. Enable the LAN port by setting DHCP first. Then only to the next stage with the step:

  • Select LAN in the modem settings displayed in the browser.
  • After that, you need to select the LAN port working mode
  • Look at the left submenu and click DHCP Server Configuration
  • Wait a moment to see the Primary Address Pool and Primary Address Pool subsection
  • Complete the Start IP Address, Least Time, and End IP Address fields.
  • For the Start IP Address column, you must enter the same IP number as the LAN host.

2. Set Wi-Fi configuration

The next step is to set up the Wi-Fi configuration or Wifi. This phase can be performed when the LAN and WAN have been installed. The procedures for this agreement include:

  • In the Huawei Modem section, click settings.
  • After that, click on the Wi-Fi button on the left and enter the required data.

There are several things you need to fill out if you want to fill this Wi-Fi area. Starting with the SSID to the WPA PreSharedKey. For more details, here are some parts that should be considered for filling:

  • SSID name is the name of the Wi-Fi connection you want to view
  • Enable SSID, signaling to activate the WLAN interface
  • Broadcast SSID, type one click to allow the Wifi SSID to be output by the modem
  • authentication mode, selecting the authentication type
  • Encryption mode refers to the types of encryption
  • WPA PreSharedKey, fill it in with the desired Wi-Fi password
  • Fill in all the fields well, after everything is done, just press the Apply button

To set up the Indihome modem, configure the firewall, and remote access

The advanced way to set up the Huawei Indihome modem is the firewall configuration. The purpose of this configuration is to specify the traceroute packets and the PING to discard or receive.

The presence of this configuration is also required for troubleshooting Internet service providers. If the network has a problem, it can be easily solved. When you perform this phase, it is highly recommended that you disable the firewall if it has a private IP address.

In addition, you can also select other options such as Custom. To configure the final stage of setting up a Huawei Indihome modem, here are some steps.

  • During setup, select the Security or Security submenu next to Wi-Fi
  • Then proceed to Firewall Level Configuration and specify the firewall level.
  • Multiple options will be visible, you can disable between custom, medium, low, high,
  • After selecting as desired, click the Apply button and the Huawei Indihome modem setup is complete

What if I want to enable remote management? To activate the mode, you only need three levels. Including:

  • Go to the security menu as in the previous step.
  • Then look for the ONT Access Control Configuration option and select the
  • Check the LAN Service and WAN Service fields

Check the information and list of user status of Huawei modem

In fact, the process of setting up Huawei’s Indihome modem is not yet fully complete. You must first check the status of the information up to the list of users. To do these things, you can follow these few steps:

  • Checking the status of information is useful to check for a network interruption
  • To do this, open a browser on the laptop and then enter the IP in the form of the number, you will be immediately redirected to the login menu
  • Log in with the password and username set and wait for the main page to appear
  • Click the Status menu to view details about your Huawei modem.

After knowing the status, you can also set up Huawei Indihome modem by checking the list of users. Under certain conditions, you may be concerned if Wi-Fi is being used by people without permission.

To check the list of users, you can easily do this through this device. Just follow a few steps until you can successfully find out the list of users of your Internet network.

  • Try to log in to Huawei main page using a browser
  • Type and wait for the main page to appear
  • After entering the main page, look for the status menu above the website, look for device information on the left
  • A list of information about the modem is displayed in the form of IP address, device, status, and the like.

Huawei Indihome modem settings to blacklist users


When you have finished setting up the Huawei Indihome modem, try to maintain the Internet network. One of them is the blacklist of unwanted users. Some ways to perform this blocking can be done with the following steps:


  • Blacklist users can be with the earliest Mac add block by going to the browser section, enter as usual
  • After that, the main page of the modem will appear, navigate to the security menu
  • In the next step, click the MAC Filter Configuration option
  • Then check the Enable MAC Filter column
  • Continue by clicking the NEW button to create a new list
  • copy the mac address to the status and the desired device information to be blocked
  • then enter the mac address in the source mac address section for the last phase blacklist
  • Press Apply to confirm the step
  • The blacklist process is complete, and then you cannot access your internet

How can I wirelessly restart and change the password?

The password is important when setting up a Huawei Indihome modem. If you want to further improve security, you can change your password regularly by:

  • Access the Huawei page by typing in your browser
  • After that, log in with your username and password as in any other phase
  • The main page will appear, then press System Tools
  • After opening the menu, you can enter the desired data
  • The data in question is the old password and the desired new password
  • After filling it out, press Confirm and Apply to complete the process

In addition to changing the password, there is also a wireless restart menu. Setting up a Huawei Indihome modem with this process is useful if the access point is too full. If this remains disabled, the network will slow down.

  • To perform a reboot, you need to access the Huawei display as in the previous step
  • Enter the password and username and wait for the main page to appear
  • To restart the Indihome Huawei modem, click the System Tools tab in the menu pane.
  • Look for the Restart option and press the menu
  • To finish the step, click the Restart button, a restart will take place

If you want to create a new access point, how do you do it?

The setup of the Huawei Indihome modem is complete. But what if you want to open a new access point? With this device, you can still do this. The method is also simple, with the following levels of the new access point:

  • First you need to open the browser on a PC or laptop, type in the search box
  • After pressing Enter, log in to your Huawei modem account, log in with the previously set password and username
  • The display appears with the shape of huawei main page, click on the Wi-Fi menu at the top
  • then click new to add a new access point

To add a new access point when setting up a Huawei Indihome modem, several must be filled in. Starting with the name of the SSID to the WMM with the following conditions.

  • SSID name, enter the desired name
  • Enable SSIS should be enabled
  • Number of associated devices, which is the number of devices that can be accessed. Fill in with numbers
  • Broadcast SSID should be checked
  • Enable WMM should also be enabled
  • Click the Apply button to confirm.

After that, you need to reconfigure. To do this, you need to fill out a few more sections, including:

  • Select the access point you created
  • Then locate the Authetication Mode menu and populate it with the description WPA/WPA2 PreSharedKey
  • Fill in the Encryption mode field with the description TKIP and AES
  • Fill it out with the words PBC in the WPS Mode section and click Apply to get the final confirmation.

Indihome network is getting slow, how to overcome it?

 After successfully setting up the Huawei Indihome modem, you need to take care of the network. If the Internet network turns out to be slow, there are several ways to deal with it.

try to restart the modem

Modems play an important role in Indihome services. If the network feels slow, it’s a good idea to check this section. Try restarting this device regularly. Usually, this method is very well suited to restore network performance. In addition, if the repair is underway, you can restart it when it is complete. This is to make performance more optimal. If there is a problem, the reboot can also be a first aid repair.

Using Repeaters

Repeater is a special tool useful for amplifying signals. The way it works is to increase internet speed. This one tool is indeed disconnected from the modem. You can buy a repeater from the provider. If you want to use this tool, be sure to pay attention to select it. Look for a device that is of good quality so that the performance of Indihome is more optimal.

Place the modem in a strategic location

It could be that after setting up a Huawei Indihome modem, the network is even unstable. This can be caused by its non-strategic placement. Concrete walls can interfere with signal reception. We recommend placing the modem in a neutral area.For example, in the airy place of your house. This airy place can be in the family room or in a relaxation area that is often used for activities. Don’t keep it upstairs as it’s usually difficult for users to access it downstairs.

Make sure the number of users is appropriate

Don’t just install Indihome without paying attention to the number of users. If you use economic services, it turns out that there are many users at home, the results will be disappointing. Adjust the number of users according to their speed or quota.If too much is used, the network load is high. Every day, the Internet becomes difficult to access. Further advice is required if you want to install Indihome.

Try to increase internet speed

A slow network and it turns out that there are no problems at all, means that the speed is lower. You can increase the speed if necessary. To increase the speed capacity, you will need a fee. The cost of this addition is indeed quite high. However, if it suits your needs, it certainly doesn’t matter. Contact the provider first if you really want to increase the speed.

Try clearing the cache in the browser

It turns out that caching can cause Indihome’s Internet to slow down. Even if you have set the Indihome Huawei modem correctly, it does not guarantee an optimal network. You need to carefully check how the cache is located in the browser.It is possible that the browser is used by many caches. If it is stored more, it will affect your internet speed. Try to diligently remove the garbage in the browser, and then refresh it to run normally again.

Use a socket

We recommend using a power outlet for maximum use of Indihome. Use a special jack to install the modem. Do not use the outlet mixed with other devices. Why is that? Because this can affect the performance of the Internet speed. Buy only one socket for modem installation. In addition to a more stable speed, it is also useful for reducing the risk of short circuits. Setting up a Huawei Indihome modem is not too difficult. Take each step in the right order so that no technical errors occur. Do not forget, pay attention to the modem device so that its lifespan is much longer.

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